Past Member Records: July 2020

Football Match
Football Tips (Odds)
02-08-20 ITA D1 Spal vs Fiorentina Fiorentina (-1,1.5) *** Win
26-07-20 ITA D1 Verona vs Lazio Lazio (-0.5) *** Win
19-07-20 SPA D1 Osasuna vs Mallorca Mallorca (+0.5) *** Win
18-07-20 ENG FA CUP Manchester City vs Arsenal Manchester City (-1.5) *** Lose
16-07-20 SPA D1 Real Sociedad vs Sevilla Sevilla (+0,0.5) *** Win
15-07-20 EPL Arsenal vs Liverpool Liverpool (-0.5) *** Lose
12-07-20 ITA D1 Genoa vs Spal Genoa (-0.5,1) *** Win
11-07-20 EPL Watford vs Newcastle Watford (-0.5) *** Win
08-07-20 ITA D1 Fiorentina vs Cagliari Fiorentina (-0.5) *** Lose
05-07-20 SPA D1 Villarreal vs Barcelona Barcelona (-0.5,1) *** Win
04-07-20 EPL Leicester vs Crystal Palace Leicester (-0.5,1) *** Win
01-07-20 ITA D1 Verona vs Parma Verona (-0.5) *** Win
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